Steve McCann

Steve McCann - CFO

Steve McCann

Chief Financial Officer


Steve McCann graduated from the University of Manchester, England, with a degree in Economics and Accounting. He joined Price Waterhouse & Co as a trainee accountant and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1985. He moved into industry in 1986 joining British Vita Plc, an international polymers company in the chemical sector, as an international accountant with responsibilities largely in Canada, Central America, Africa, Australia and Japan. He then progressed to become Financial Controller and Assistant Group Treasurer.


In 1991, he moved to a commercial position with Vita-Achter Limited, part of the German controlled Automotive Textile Group of Viktor Achter GmbH. He was appointed Finance Director and later also Company Secretary.

In 2001, after an acquisition by Milliken & Co, the US textile and chemicals company, he relocated to Viersen in Germany to control the finances of the entire Achter Group with responsibilities for subsidiaries in UK, Spain, Brazil and Germany. In this role he became a senior executive in the Milliken hierarchy in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. In tandem to his latter years with Milliken, he became a personal investor in the Croatian property market from 2003.

In March 2006 he was introduced to Cubus Lux plc, a British public company with operations in Eastern Europe notably Croatia, and he was appointed as Financial Consultant, being appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2007. Since then he has controlled the (London) City aspects of Public Company status in addition to having built up an enviable network of senior politicians and consultants in Eastern Europe.

Steve brings a wealth of knowledge including International business and stock exchange regulatory operation experience.