Elena Raevskaya

Elena Raevskaya


Elena Raevskaya is currently employed by IndusView UK Ltd as the company Bookkeeper/Accountant and is responsible for the overall accountancy duties.

With over fifteen years experience in accounting and bookkeeping, working for companies like Pentax, PUMA UK, TEchXEPRESS and Tria Robit, Elena has gained a wide range of valuable work experience. Her knowledge and attention to detail have helped secure her role as an integral part of IndusView operations. 

Elena is a dedicated and highly efficient individual who ensures all accounts, bookkeeping, and tasks are completed with absolute accuracy, due diligence, and care.

Elena enjoys being part of a team as well as working on her own initiative. She is always seeking out new ways to effectively develop and organize new systems for the company bookkeeping and accounts.

In her spare time, Elena enjoys reading a wide range of literature, specifically novels relating to history, politics, and psychology. She also has a passion for the theatre, refining her culinary skills, and attending art galleries and exhibitions.