IndusView is a financial and strategic advisory firm which focuses on corporate finance, market entry strategy, fund raising and investment advice. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and global asset managers.

With offices in London and New Delhi, IndusView provides a diverse range of services from market research, identification of opportunities, transaction management and post transaction advisory in Europe, UK, India and Canada. Our team has decades of experience in complex geographic and regulatory transactional environments with several client success stories.

Stages Stage1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
IndusView Services Market and Industry Research Market and Entry Expansion Pre-Transaction Research Transaction Management New Activities
IndusView Cababilities Market and Sector Knowledge Strategy Formulation Wide Information Resources base and Relations Local Prescence and Transaction Management Expertise Post-Transaction Relationship Management

Market & Industry Research

Provide customized research on specific industries, products, routes to market, market trends, etc. Research can be done on a primary basis by gather first-hand data or a secondary basis by using existing research organizations and reports. IndusView's principals have already conducted such research on industry ranging from oil and gas to financial technology.

Strategy Formulation & Pre-Transaction Research

Strategic guidance on entry or expansion outside the client's home country into India, UK and Canada, including competitive and SWOT analysis, identification of growth areas, buy v. build strategies, channel development, partnership opportunities, overview of legislative and tax frameworks, HR issues and short, medium and long-term growth stories.  Pre-transaction research is an important service given the considerable translucency of information and data required for thorough due diligence and deal intelligence prior to a transaction. This is partly due to the closely-held nature of many Indian companies and the embryonic state of many data research firms. IndusView is able to tap into a variety of information sources, including government sources, entrepreneurs and financial institutions to access and collate required research.

Investment Advisory and Corporate Finance

Managing risk capital of Family Offices and other Asset Managers on a discretionary and non discretionary basis.  Our primary non discretionary capital deployment is in the Indian Capital Markets.  We have also taken structured equity and debt positions in private companies on behalf of our clients as part of our Private Equity investment advisory.

Transaction Management

IndusView manages cross border M&A and investment transactions with the UK, India and Canada. This includes building financial models, scenario planning, negotiations with Board-level decision makers and influencers and advice on the most tax-efficient means of carrying out a transaction.

Post-Transaction Relationship

Maintaining long-term relationships is important to us as people and as a business. We work with clients with whom we both share and shape a long term growth strategy. Relationships are maintained through frequent communication, meetings and corporate events for prospective, existing and former clients alike.