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India’s Budget Covers Yesterday and Tomorrow — But Not Today

Wharton 03/03/2015

At the customary post-Budget press conference address by Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, he was asked why his Budget lacked a single big-bang idea... Read the full article

New India Budget Aims to Boost Growth

IndusView 28/02/2015

IndusView, Saturday 28 February 2015 (London): Asia’s third-largest economy unveiled its annual budget today saying it is aimed at a high-growth trajectory. The budget is focusing on improving infrastructure, cutting the fiscal deficit and boosting investment so that growth would accelerate to 8%-8.5% in India’s next financial year starting in April. Read the full article

India’s 2015 Union Budget Expected to Boost Annual GDP Growth to 8% from 6.9%

IndusView 27/02/2015

IndusView, Friday 27 February 2015 (London): The new Indian government will unveil more reforms in its 2015-2016 Union Budget on Saturday, to woo foreign investment and make India a manufacturing destination, in order to boost Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth to 8% or higher. Read the full article

M&A Deals Jumps to 1,177 in 2014

Asian Age 07/02/2015

India saw a merger and acquisition boom in 2014. The total number of M&A deals of Indian companies in 2014 rose to 1,177 the highest ever in a decade and the momentum is set to pick up this year as well, said a report by London-based advisory company IndusView on Friday... Read the full article

Indian PM Modi Could Learn From US Economic Recovery While In US

IndusView 29/09/2014

IndusView, Monday September 29 (London): While the United States Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) is expected to raise interest rates in Spring 2015, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is likely to maintain them in order to battle un-simmering inflation. Read the full article

IndusView Chairman Bundeep Singh Rangar's Interview on Mint Newspaper, a WSJ Partnered Financial Daily in India

Mint 11/09/2014

"What the Modi government needs to provide foreign investors is a sense of stability, predictability and certainty amidst a genuine desire to reconstruct India's economic base." Read the full article

India PM Modi’s 100 Days in Office: Kaizen Not Magic Wand

IndusView 03/09/2014

A visit to Japan is perhaps the best statement of Narendra Modi’s 100 days as Prime Minister of India, a honeymoon time typically used by new governments to push symbolic and substantive changes capitalising on voter sentiment that ushered them into power. Read the full article

Modi's Business Agenda

Knowledge@Wharton 28/06/2014

In the months of campaigning since his first rally last September, Narendra Modi covered more than 200,000 miles in the process of holding 5,827 public meetings to convince voters to throw their support behind him as India’s next leader. Read the full article

Mandate for Modi: A Business Agenda

Knowledge@Wharton 19/05/2014

In the months of campaigning since his first rally last September, Narendra Modi covered more than 200,000 miles in the process of holding 5,827 public meetings to convince voters to throw their support behind him as India’s next leader. Read the full article

New Indian BJP Government to Boost Foreign Investor Sentiment

IndusView 16/05/2014

India is about to get a new government with the final vote to be unveiled today, with investors expecting measures for revival of the economy, business-friendly policies and good governance from the new government. Read the full article

India Inc Cheers Modi, Says Victory to Revive Growth

India Today 16/05/2014

Indian corporate houses and industry associations said on Friday that the Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies have won a decisive victory, enough to give the new government a free hand to formulate industry-friendly strategies and bring the country back on a high growth trajectory. Read the full article

Issues Of Interest In India 2014: IndusView

Value Walk 13/02/2014

India is a nation in transition. While many millions still live in abject rural poverty, many millions more are living modern middle-class lifestyles, working full time, driving cars, going to college and buying homes. Read the full article

RBI Raising Interest Rates: Questionable Tool To Fight Inflation

IndusView 18/12/2013

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) took the market completely by surprise, keeping the repo rate unchanged in the face of overwhelming expectations of an increase citing the tenuous state of the economy. Raising interest rates, however, are likely to be a weak tool to combat inflation. Read the full article

The Bharti-Walmart Breakup: Where Does FDI in India Go Next?

Wharton 06/11/2013

After a seven-year partnership, Walmart and Indian retail partner Bharti Enterprises last month issued a terse joint message saying they were ending the 50/50 joint venture launched by the two firms in 2006 and had reached an agreement to independently own their business interests in India... Read the full article

As Rupee Recovery Stalls, Doubts About India Grow

The Globe and Mail 02/10/2013

The recovery of India’s rupee, dragged to record lows over the summer as foreign investment retreated from emerging markets, has stagnated... Read the full article

Reserve Bank of India Governor Repo Rate Hike Disappoints India Inc

IndusView 20/09/2013

IndusView, Friday 20 September 2013 (London): India’s central bank Governor Raghuram Rajan today raised the benchmark interest rate by a quarter point to 7.5%, the first increase since 2011... Read the full article

India Finds Price Of Expats' Patriotism Elusive As Growth Fades

Reuters 30/08/2013

The patriotism of wealthy overseas Indians has helped the country avert economic crises in the past and it is little surprise that embattled policymakers are turning to them again to plug a record trade gap that is battering the rupee... Read the full article

Indian Expats: Don't Count On Us To Invest

The National 30/08/2013

As a portfolio investment destination, India also faces daunting competition as developed markets, including the US, show signs of finally emerging from the global financial crisis, said Bundeep Singh Rangar, who advises individuals and companies on India investments as chairman of the London-based IndusView Advisors. Read the full article

India Needs More Proactive Measures To Stem Rupee Fall


The Indian government has approved infrastructure projects worth $28.4 billion to revive the economy and boost the falling rupee. Finance Minister P Chidambaram said 36 stalled projects in oil, gas, power, road and railways sectors were cleared... Read the full article

Measures Taken To Stem Rupee Fall

IndusView 29/08/2013

IndusView, Thursday 29 August 2013 (London): The Indian government is taking steps to stem the fall of the rupee, which has lost about 20% of its value this year... Read the full article

Big Indian Groups Frame New Plans for U.S. Market

knowledge@Wharton 12/08/2013

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a hot-button subject in India today. Everybody — from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the average man or woman on the street — has a view on how to make the country more attractive for fund flows... Read the full article

Gloomy picture: Growth slips to decade low of 5%

The Tribune India 01/06/2013

The Indian economy had its worst year in a decade as growth rate slumped to 5 per cent on account of slowing consumption hit by inflation and lack of investment due to slow project clearance and low investor confidence. Read the full article

India's Economy Remains Under Pressure

SME Times 31/05/2013

Drop in manufacturing, agriculture output and a fall in the rupee suggests that the India's economy remains under pressure in the current quarter, London-based consulting firm - IndusView said in a press statement Friday. Read the full article

Reserve Bank of India Cuts Interest Rates To Boost Growth, As Expected

IndusView 03/05/2013

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has today reduced its interest rates by 25 basis points to 7.25%, in line with expectations, with inflation and global commodity prices moving in a favourable direction... Read the full article

India Gold Demand Surges ahead of Akshaya Tritya Festival

IndusView 24/04/2013

"The falling prices have come in as a boon and Indian consumers are making the most of it ahead of Akshaya Tritiya festival, which is on May 13th this year,” said Bundeep Singh Rangar, Chairman of London-based advisory firm IndusView. "It is a tradition to buy gold in India where it is synonymous with social status and prestige.” Read the full article

RBI Cuts in Key Interest Rate to Boost Growth

The Indian Awaaz 22/03/2013

"A mantra of growth now permeates the RBI’s corridors,” said Bundeep Singh Rangar, Chairman of London-based advisory firm IndusView. "Three rate cuts in a year shows that the RBI is in harmony with the government’s attempts to revive growth.” Read the full article

Reserve Bank of India Cuts Key Interest Rate To Boost Growth

IndusView 19/03/2013

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today reduced its key lending rate by 0.25 basis points to 7.50%, in an attempt to boost growth as inflation remains in check, in the third cut since April last year... Read the full article

India’s Union Budget 2013

IndusView 28/02/2013

India’s Finance Minister will be assessed by international investors on policy changes to increase foreign inflows, clarify tax laws and expand the country’s tax base, in his presentation of the Union Budget shortly after the latest gross domestic product (GDP) data is released today Read the full article

Is India Wooing the Wrong Dollar-surplus Segments?

Knowledge@Wharton 28/02/2013

India needs foreign exchange. The country's oil import bill was US$15.6 billion in January 2013. Total imports were US$45.6 billion and exports were a much lower US$25.6 billion, leaving a monthly trade deficit of US$20 billion... Read the full article

Budget Should Be Pragmatic Not Populist: IndusView

Bloomberg TV India 25/02/2013

Bundeep Singh Rangar, Chairman at Indusview, believes that increasing foreign inflows is the key to reducing the Current Account Deficit (CAD) and that cutting subsidies is required... Read the full article

UK Prime Minister David Cameron urges India to Open up to British business

IndusView 22/02/2013

UK Prime Minister David Cameron concluded his trip to India this week to meet his Indian counterpart, Manmohan Singh, as well as the Indian president, Pranab Mukherjee, asking them to open its trade doors wider to British business... Read the full article

Foreign M&A Investors shun India as uncertainty reigns

The Deal 05/02/2013

Doing business in emerging markets often requires as strong a stomach as eating at a roadside food stall, but investors last year were particularly wary of India, according to a report on inbound mergers and acquisitions by law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP... Read the full article

Reserve Bank of India Cuts Rates To Boost Growth, Emulating China

IndusView 29/01/2013

Borrowing a leaf or two from Chinese policy makers to spur economic growth, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to reduce its key interest rate to 7.75% from 8% for the first time in nine months as well as reduce the amount of cash Indian banks must set aside as reserves... Read the full article

India's Outsourcing Business - On The Turn

The Economist 23/01/2013

"For IBM, says Bundeep Rangar, chief executive of IndusView, an advisory firm, the total cost of its employees in India used to be about 80% less than in America; now the gap is 30-40% and narrowing fast..." Read the full article

Reserve Bank of India Maintains Status Quo on Interest Rates

IndusView 30/10/2012

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today kept its interest rates unchanged while cutting its growth forecast but increasing its inflation outlook as the nation’s economic conditions remain sluggish... Read the full article

The Reserve Bank of India Maintains Key Interest Rate; Drops CRR

IndusView 17/09/2012

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today kept interest rates unchanged, despite last-minute hopes for a reduction in the wake of policy changes announced by India’s government last Friday... Read the full article

FDI Liberalization to Boost Retail, Airlines, Banks and Property Sectors in India

IndusView 14/09/2012

IndusView, Sunday September 16 (London): The Indian Prime Minister introduced the long awaited reforms allowing foreign direct investments (FDI) in multi-branded retail and aviation sectors on Friday... Read the full article

India GDP Data Better Than Expected for This Quarter

IndusView 31/08/2012

New economic growth figures have been announced today in India showing the economy grew 5.5% in the quarter, driven by a rebound in construction and financial services, and slightly better than the 5.3% posted in the three-month period ending in March... Read the full article

As Offshoring Grows, Banks Grapple with Oversight

Economic Times 10/08/2012

Global banks that ship increasingly sensitive and sophisticated work overseas to save costs will be forced to step up oversight of back office operations after industry scandals point to lapses involving offshore units in India... Read the full article

As Offshoring Grows, Banks Grapple with Oversight

Reuters 08/08/2012

What started a decade ago as call centres staffed by young Indians faking Western accents to sell credit cards and field routine queries has grown into a core function for banks, handling work from risk and fraud management to finance and accounting.... Read the full article

India Frustrations Send Some Foreign Firms Packing

Reuters 08/06/2012

Frustrated by a lack of opportunities in India, Germany's Fraport, the world's No. 2 airport operator, is shutting its development office in the country, the latest in a growing list of companies exiting Asia's third-largest economy... Read the full article

India to be $2-trn economy by FY13-end?

Business Standard 01/06/2012

India may turn into a $2-trillion economy by the end of this financial year, provided the rupee remains below 50.79 against the dollar during this period... Read the full article

Proposed Indian Tax Rule Could Impact Free Trade Talks with the EU and Canada

IndusView 20/03/2012

The latest Indian annual budget for 2012-2013, revealed by India’s Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee last Friday, takes India a step backward toward its previous economic protectionist policies and could derail its discussions for free trade agreements with Canada and the European Union, its biggest trading partner... Read the full article

Revoked Indian Telecom Licenses Spur Legal Action

Knowledge@Wharton 02/03/2012

The Indian Supreme Court’s decision to revoke 122 licenses granted to eight telecommunications companies as part of a $40 billion scam allegedly perpetrated by the country’s former telecom minister is spurring a wave of legal and managerial reactions... Read the full article

Cancellation of 2G licenses could see affected players taking legal course against Supreme Court judgement

Mergermarket 06/02/2012

The cancelation of 122 second-generation (2G) mobile licenses issued after January 2008 in India could see affected companies take legal action, industry sources said. Read the full article

Vodafone Indian Supreme Court Win a Positive Sign for Foreign Investments in India

IndusView 20/01/2012

The decision by India’s Supreme Court in favor of Vodafone Group Plc, the world’s biggest mobile phone company, is a positive signal to foreign investors worried about tax and investment policies in the world’s second fastest growing major economy. Read the full article

Vodafone wins $2.5bn tax fight in India

By Penny MacRae (AFP) 20/01/2012

India's top court on Friday rejected a $2.5 billion tax bill slapped on British phone giant Vodafone over its purchase of a local mobile operator in a ruling seen as a boost to foreign investment. Read the full article

Vodafone wins $2.5bn tax fight in India

France 24 20/01/2012

Indian authorities imposed the $2.5 billion tax bill and sought an equal sum in penalties over Vodafone's $11.1 billion purchase in 2007 of a majority stake in the Indian mobile unit of Hong Kong's Hutchison Whampoa. Read the full article

Indian IT giants reluctant to finalize EU deals - Industry sources - Analysis

Mergermarket 23/11/2011

EU targets would help Indian companies enhance their R&D, sales and after sales capabilities. Indian large caps should move away from a service based model - which is becoming increasingly commoditized - and implement a strategy focused on products, said Bundeep Singh Rangar, Chairman at advisory firm Indus View. Read the full article

Business India Forum holds successful event

Maya Newspapers 07/10/2011

The Final Business India Forum event of 2011 saw a full house at the luxurious East India Club in St James' Square. With a focus on the fast growing lifestyle and luxury sectors key speakers from the industry gave an insight into the opportunities and potential pitfalls of doing business in India. Chair for the evening, Bundeep Singh Rangar of IndusView in his... Read the full article

European debt crises and its effects on the US and Asia

Nivesh Manthan Magazine 08/09/2011

Bundeep Singh Rangar, Chairman of IndusView UK Ltd, says that a deeper recession in the EU could stifle expectations for US recovery...(Article in Hindi on Page 19) Read the full article

Dealmakers await verdict in Vedanta-Cairn review

Laura Board ( 10/06/2011

Any day now the Indian government will rule on Vedanta Resources plc's $9.6 billion acquisition of a controlling stake in Cairn India Ltd. A verdict could end months of uncertainty about a 10-month-old energy deal that has been closely followed by aspiring investors who are increasingly skittish about India's "regulatory growing pains," as one observer politely puts it... Read the full article

The Global Economy in 2011: A Rocky Ride or Smoother Sailing Ahead?

Knowledge Wharton 05/01/2011

In the United States, most experts are betting that the economy will grow stronger this year, but they warn that high unemployment, a depressed housing industry and other problems could dampen growth... Read the full article

Govt vows telecom action; loan probe may widen - source


The government vowed action against companies that allegedly secured valuable telecom licenses at rock-bottom prices, while the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) built its case in a bribes-for-loans probe that a source said would be widened... Read the full article

Telecom Finance September 2010 IndusView Press Coverage


It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like LBOs are back on the menu. Private equity, having been sidelined since the financial crisis took hold in 2007, is finally putting its massive stores of cash to work... Read the full article

India 3G auction ends, windfall for government

Dow Jones Newswires 19/05/2010

India's third-generation mobile bandwidth auction ended Wednesday after 34 days, boosting government coffers by $14.6 billion, as companies such as Bharti Airtel Ltd. and Reliance Communications Ltd. bid to expand their services in the world's fastest growing telecom market... Read the full article

Telcos may have to raise Rs 50,000 cr to fund 3G rollout

Business Standard 17/05/2010

In what could be one of the largest debt-raising exercises within a sector, telecom companies that win the third generation (3G) licences are expected to raise more than Rs 50,000 crore by way of debt in order to roll out their services... Read the full article